My name is Ryan Colton and I am a musician, singer/songwriter, recording/mix engineer, and producer living in Richmond, VA. I have been playing and writing music in some capacity since I was 11 years old. I have been recording and mixing bands as well as my own music since I was 18 and hold a certification in Music Recording Technology from JSRCC. I interned at PK Studios in Richmond, VA from 1999-2000 and worked with a variety of clients. I co-owned and operated Spilling Sounds Productions, a small project studio in Richmond’s West End from 2000-2004 and recorded several local and regional bands encompassing genres such as rock, metal, punk, singer/songwriter, gospel, folk, and bluegrass. I love recording bands and helping to shape musical ideas into well-crafted songs. I am also an avid guitarist and write and record my own solo material and also play in a local cover band called The Here and Now. I started Distilled Sounds when I was asked to record The New Outliers first full-length LP, Begin the Everything in fall of 2014. My home studio is primarily setup for mixing and mastering but I can also record vocal and guitar overdubs there as well. In 2017 I decided to add mobile recording and live sound reinforcement services on a limited basis as well. This website was designed to showcase my studio and blog, where I can write about musical projects I’m working on as well as gear reviews, concert and album reviews, or anything else I might have going on at the time.


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